Over 10 years Elkana has been advocating such questions as the creation of a favorable for farmers regulatory and political environment, organic farming, agrarian diversity conservation and biosafety legislation.

The “Advocacy Group” of Elkana’s Public Affairs/Relations Department promotes stirring up of organic farmers and bringing their problems and views to decision-making.

The Advocacy [and Lobbying] Group closely cooperates with governmental structures, international and non-governmental organizations, projects, coalitions, etc. It is also engaged in monitoring the reforms aimed at small farming development and agricultural diversity ongoing in the country. At the same time, Elkana mobilizes the general public in support of organic farming and sustainable agriculture and promotes a political dialogue between farmers and local government.

The Advocacy Group arranges thematic seminars and conferences, carries out research, and prepares thematic publications, standards and analytical documents in the following areas:

Agricultural policy in Georgia (evaluation of the regulatory and political environment for development of small farms, including extension centers and farmer cooperation development);

  • Organic farm production control;
  • Agricultural diversity conservation (including intellectual property rights related to genetic resources);
  • Biosafety;
  • Food safety;
  • Food security;
  • Protection of traditional products;
  • Agricultural insurance and credits, etc.


For additional information contact:

Phone: + 995 32 2 536486


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